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We're here to make safety a way of life, not a quick fix.

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Nalleli Valverde - Founder

Elite Safety Training for Ultimate Protection

ProActive Safety team of bilingual, licensed professionals lives and breathes workplace safety. We understand the trust business owners place in us to equip employees with the best practices to prevent accidents. That's why we go beyond one-size-fits-all training, offering flexible, customized solutions that meet your specific needs while reducing overhead costs compared to direct-hire safety staff. Our goal is simple: to foster a safe work environment where employees can thrive and return home uninjured every day. If you're looking for a partner to help you exceed expectations and deliver outstanding safety results, let ProActive Safety be your solution.

ProActive Safety's Core Values: Commitment to Excellence

S.A.F.E. [AF]: S - Self-Awareness [AF]: We champion 100% accountability, seeking leaders who acknowledge, own, and act. A - Action-Oriented [AF]: Proactivity is our mantra; we partner with those who address safety at the root. F - Forward-Driven Digitalization [AF]: Advancing safety through digital evolution, we partner with forward-thinking individuals, from leadership to ground-level, to refresh tradition with modern solutions. E - Ethical Responsibility [AF]: For us, safety is an unwavering ethical duty, not just a protocol.

Our Story

My father was a construction worker, and every day I would worry about his safety. One of my first jobs was at an attorney’s office, where I encountered many injury cases from the construction field. I saw firsthand the importance of workplace safety. Who would have known that this job would unintentionally prepare me, opening my eyes to the gaps in companies' safety obligations? When I transitioned to working as a safety administrator, I recognized the critical need for effective safety training for those in high-hazard jobs. I witnessed safety trainings that was flat-out boring and disengaging, failing to capture the attention of those whose lives depended on it. I saw my dad and uncles, who worked hard under the sun and snow, lifting and pushing heavy weights and risking their lives, reflected in the faces of all the workers. I knew that safety training needed to be impactful, memorable, and retainable for those men who looked like the dearest people in my life, ensuring they too could get home to the people they love. “The value of an idea lies in the use of it.“ -Thomas Edison Safety isn’t just an idea; it’s a goal we continuously strive to achieve. Our problem was seeing construction workers laboring in hazardous environments without proper safety training. Their biggest barrier was receiving that training in the language they best understood. Colorado is booming, with cranes filling the skyline as construction companies build new communities and facilities. While this growth is positive, it's more important than ever to protect workers on the ground and help companies prevent accidents, penalties, injuries, or fatalities through comprehensive safety training programs. Having our parents, relatives, and friends work in the trades and construction — our mission is deeply personal at ProActive Safety. ProActive Safety offers bilingual safety training programs in English and Spanish, tailored to meet the needs of diverse workforces. Our experienced team excels in safety administration, recordkeeping, and onsite safety audits, ensuring continuous improvement from ground-level operations to leadership programs. ProActive Safety offers bilingual safety training programs in English and Spanish, tailored to meet the needs of diverse workforces. Our forward-thinking team excels in safety administration, record keeping, and onsite safety audits, ensuring continuous improvement from ground-level operations to leadership programs.

So, we came up with a brilliant solution...

ProActive Safety was launched in 2023 to provide workers with the resources, training, and information needed to achieve and maintain a healthy and safe work environment on job sites. As an innovative, bilingual, Colorado-based, safety-training company, we have two simple goals: to become a "one-stop-shop" for regulatory compliance needs and to promote a personalized safety lifestyle shift that keeps employees safe and productive. At ProActive Safety, we use our “Safety as a Personal Value” work model, which includes behavior-based safety culture, comprehensive training, and proactive safety procedures. This approach ensures workers remain safe and helps companies avoid financial losses from potential citations, shutdowns, sickouts, and preventable injuries.

Our services include:

  • Bilingual Safety Training: Tailored programs in English and Spanish to meet the needs of diverse workforces.
  • Behavior-Based Safety Culture: Encouraging proactive safety habits to reduce workplace hazards.
  • Onsite Safety Audits: Continual safety audits to ensure ongoing compliance and improvement.
  • Safety Administration and Recordkeeping: Expert management of safety records and compliance documentation.
  • Leadership Programs: Training programs to develop safety leaders at all levels of the organization.
At ProActive Safety, we believe rules alone do not promote safety habits long term. Instead, we focus on instilling a genuine safety mindset that values the well-being of every worker, ensuring they can return home safely to their loved ones. Join us at ProActive Safety and become S.A.F.E. [AF]. We're committed to change at the root, not quick fixes.