"Safety is a Personal Value"

24/7 Access and Virtual Safety Manager

Virtual Safety Manager who will keep you beyond compliant.

Weekly SafeLand Training

Weekly and reliable training classes.

Digitalize your Safety Program

Prepare your company for the FUTURE by digitizing your entire safety program.

Workplace First Aid / CPR Training

Certification Training for First Aird and CPR

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In-house Safety Manager

$ 85,000 A year +Benefits
  • Both the federal government and your state regulate the payment of wages or salaries, overtime, and other work rules
  • Paying workmans and Unemployment comp insurance
  • Benefits (Must Pay)
  • Paid time away from work
  • Pay continual training
  • Less flexibility for small business

Virtual Safety Manager​

$ 2,500 A Month
  • Round the clock
  • Tailored Safety Program
  • Cost Containment Certification Building
  • 24/7 Employee Training Available
  • English and Spanish Training
  • Monthly Surprise on Site Safety Audits

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Hi there, Safety Professional here, founder of NVP Management Inc. a company that provides small businesses with peace of mind by establishing or elevating a Company’s Safety Culture. Over the last couple of years, I have been fortunate to work with some amazing small businesses, some with healthy and strong safety programs and others with quite the opposite. In either case, I have helped them find clarity and understanding of what creating a healthy “Safety Culture” entails. Safety is a Mind Set, transmitted from the top executive to the newest teammate, and I can help you get there!

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Nalleli Valverde — Founder & CEO.

Prepare your company for the FUTURE. Stop buying, filing, and losing paperwork! Digitize your JSA’s, SDS, incident reports, hazard reports, even send out a new policy and have employees date and sign from the palm of their hand! WE CAN HELP!

Our training videos have been chunked and simplified with interactive components to ensure your employees ALWAYS learn something. From the 30 year old veteran to the greenest hats, with this philosophy in mind!
Richard E. Mayer is an educational psychologist with more than 390 publications, including 23 books. He has developed a set of learning principles. One of those is the Segmenting Principle. That principle states that:
“People learn better when a complex continuous lesson is broken into separate segments. Examples include breaking a complex figure into two or more, smaller figures dealing with different parts of the original one; presenting one graphic at a time rather than putting multiple graphics in the same figure or breaking a continuous presentation into short chunks that can be paced by the learner. The learner’s working memory is less likely to be overloaded with essential processing when the essential material is presented in bite-size chunks rather than as a whole continuous lesson.”

Safety is a Mindset. With that said, a Safety Professional can come with a degree OR they can be grown from your workforce. 

Experience is gold, and with the right catalyst you can create an astounding Safety Culture where everyone prevents and protects themselves, each other and the company from any harm, thus have you a plethora of employees who can be your next in-house Safety Professional!  We can get you there!